Say „no“ to blue Mondays

Everyone can occasionally experince blue Mondays, but the situation becomes alarming if „blueness“ also applies to Tuesdays and the rest of the week.

365 times faster than your conventional satisfaction survey

From the moment of signing up, you would be able to tell how are your people doing, what concerns them and if there are any urgent topics to handle.

Hack your workplace happiness!

Autonomy is the key to 21st century workplace happiness. While being as sovereign as possible, employees wish to be fully involved in their work-role. A person can now monitor their workplace happiness independently.

Celebrate success!

Blue Monday helps to notice accomplishments, workplace happiness, flow, fluency and other factors, which restore balance and commitment.

Write down and express your thoughts

then it’s on the shelf. You can subsequently analyse the patterns, whether there was a temporary deviation or a more profound apprehension, which requires attention and intervention.

Blue Monday assists you in monitoring (workplace) commitment and provides a timely warning already before the employee becomes drained, deteriorates or loses competitiveness.

Blue Monday product

Blue Monday mobile app is available for both, Android and iOS platforms.

We know that such tools generate best results when mother tongue is used.
Supported languages: Estonian, English, and Russian.

Empowered team managers and HR

Informative reports about your teams. Each team has happiness index.

Blue Monday customers

Blue Monday is currently being piloted, and our first customers started in September, 2017. Real-life usage experience feedback from staff, team leaders and HR has exceeded the expectations of all pilot parties.

Our team

Blue Monday mobile app together with its best practices form the second product of HappyMe toolkit. HappyMe’s key staff includes psychologist and HR professional Tiina Saar-Veelmaa, and IT professional Magnus Meldre. It’s a combination that ensures ideas come through in tools that function in the real world.

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